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el Herington

Founder Whole Presence Global
Whole Presence QSR Facilitator
Quantum Soul Healing Practitioner Trainer


As the founder of Whole Presence Global, el has refined and shared the process of Whole Presence QSR Quantum Soul Retrieval since 1992. Sessions are available online with Zoom or in person on the paradise island of Kaua’i. She is especially passionate about training more Facilitators to bring more Presence to humanity globally. More than ever before Whole Presence is especially important for the energy~ascension~enlightenment of the planet.


You can book with el here:

Phone Number:
+1 808-651-1190

Winter Jade Forest

Whole Presence QSR Facilitator

As a devoted student of traditional spiritual healing traditions for several decades, Grandmother Winter Jade has received permission from teachers of four indigenous cultures to teach their traditions. As an ordained spiritual counselor and hands-on healer, she’s been carrying the practices and ceremonies of these cultures and passing them down since 1975, as well as Whole Presence QSR since 2007. Her life’s work and greatest pleasure is to bring these profound practices to all who are looking to reclaim their fullness and create the changes, relationships and circumstances they desire in their lives. All for the greatest good.

Phone Number:

+1 847-975-7959


Auralia Rose

Whole Presence QSR Facilitator

Auralia Rose offers soul-centred modalities that help your body heal, impassion your soul, fuel your life purpose, free your spirit, and help you live your life with more balance, ease, and joy. She is professionally trained in Whole Presence Soul Retrieval, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique (QHHT) and has studied many healing modalities spanning nearly 30 years. Her particular passion is to expand individual consciousness through realising more of our own Divine Soul Presence to support a life filled with more abundance, connectedness and complete wellbeing.

Phone Number:
+61 422 481 007


Mirta Rodriguez

Whole Presence QSR Facilitator

Mirta is a Soul and Values Alignments in Business Trainer and Coach. She has facilitated Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval sessions in the Sydney area since 2001. Her expertise in Galactic Astrology also supports Whole Presence.

Phone Number:
+61 0413 406 671


Andre Leclipteux

Whole Presence QSR Facilitator


As a shamanic coach, FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) ®practitioner and trainer, and co-founder of the FEEL® Approach at Horse Spirit Connections, Andre Leclipteux incorporates native ceremonies with horse wisdom and interactions, helping individuals and groups align and transform to achieve self-empowerment and emotional growth. As a Whole Presence Facilitator he helps people realize their spiritual whole being. Andre has a passion for horses, a sound business acumen, and a desire to see people heal themselves and lead heart-filled lives.

Phone Number:
+1 416-520-6276



Angela Sommerfeld

Whole Presence QSR Facilitator

I combine creativity, leadership and expertise in the areas of art and culture, therapy and education, as well as the original knowledge from ancient cultures. As a spiritual warrior I bring back the primordial wisdom, the primordial belief, the matrix of all religions in modern language. Sound, intention and the Sacred Breath are the pillars of my work.

Phone Number:
+49 177 2878295


Martina Goldner

Whole Presence QSR Facilitator

Martina facilitates Energy Balancing and assists people to access their Presence through the heart. She was guided to travel to Kaua’i in spring 2017, where she met El. Her Whole Presence session was a life changing experience, and it felt very natural to become a Whole Presence Facilitator herself later in the same year.

Martina is living in Bavaria in the South of Germany and is available for sessions in German and English language.



New Zealand

Derek John Thompson

Whole Presence QSR Facilitator

Happily living in New Zealand since 2008, Derek has been teaching as a Reiki Master and practitioner for over 14 years. Working with Whole Presence since 2017. All
sessions will take place at Sacred Earth Retreat, set at the beautiful New Zealand
west coast.

Phone Number:
+64 021 180 3505



Tan Keng Ann

Whole Presence QSR Facilitator
Quantum Soul Healing QSH Trainer

Tan Keng Ann is currently practicing both as physiotherapist, 23 years and Wholistic Lifestyle Practitioner, 20 years advocating wholesome living, positive lifestyle, optimal health (body, mind, heart and soul). She has been a Whole Presence QSR Facilitator since 2017 and is certified as Reiki Master Teacher & Healer. Through various modalities and intuitive guidance, sessions are available for individuals who seek transformation, growth, in expression of their soul presence and potentials. shamanic healing course

Phone Number:
+65 9669 2260
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heartofgaia.com.sg/