Meet el Herington

El is the Founder of Whole Presence Global. She loves everything Energy~Ascension~Enlightenment and especially supporting your Spiritual awakening. Whole Presence QSR Quantum Soul Retrieval is a new paradigm for Light Workers and Energy Healers.

El has traveled a life long awakening journey. Like many called to be a healer she was guided to study numerous healing and spiritual modalities. Many spiritual masters have also directly taught and initiated el on her path of spiritual adventures.

During the planetary shift of 11:11 she experienced a quantum expansion. While in Sedona for the 11:11 Gateway (January 11, 1991) she was supported to reclaim all Soul aspects. The embodiment of multidimensional consciousness had profound effects on all areas of her reality.

When her Presence was ready, she was entrusted with the Whole Presence QSR Quantum Soul Retrieval process to help others in restoring their whole multidimensional Soul essence.


Bringing Presence to the World

El has guided hundreds of people on their journey to step into their Whole Presence. Leading edge Light Workers find el when they’re ready for the total unification of their Soul energy.

People who have taken this journey will tell you about their new sense of wholeness, expansion, fulfillment, and awareness – often referred to as a Quantum step forward on one’s spiritual journey and Soul’s evolution.

Today, there are over a dozen Whole Presence QSR Quantum Soul Retrieval facilitators who have studied with el. They bring this work to others Globally and continue the mission of awakening and raising the consciousness of the planet. With the Trainings, more spiritual practitioners advance through the program and qualify to be Facilitators. See other Facilitators here~Quantum Soul Retrieval Facilitators.

El has dedicated her life to bringing more Presence to the world. She humbly honors the Source of this work and her personal mission of helping others awaken to their extraordinary potential. best shamanic training

When el is not guiding others on their Soul Retrieval journey through the dimensions of time, space, and multiverses, you will find her sharing the extraordinary beauty of sacred sites around the world. For her vortex journeys on the Lemurian paradise island of Kaua’i visit~