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Sedona 2022 Training and Retreat

Quantum Soul Healing Practitioner Certification


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Soul Solstice Celebration


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Your spiritual journey has been a powerful growth experience.

You are here to bring more consciousness and light to the world.

More than anything you want to fulfill your Life Purpose.

This is a time that Humanity needs you more than ever...

Your services and your light!

You made the decision to be here on earth for this time to support the emerging New Paradigm. Hundreds of people have stepped into their Whole Presence. The Whole Presence Facilitator Training has brought Certified Facilitators to many continents around the world.

El at iao valley

Meet your guide…

El Herington is the Founder of
Whole Presence Global.

I have a plan for you…

The story of the light and dark is playing out.

We all know it's accelerating faster than we can even imagine.

If you are ready to play a bigger role for the awakening of humanity I’m inviting you to this Soul expansion work. This isn’t for everyone. Being a Whole Presence Facilitator is for those who are ready for co-creating the New Paradigm.

Expand your practice and join the global Presence movement. This training will provide you with the higher awareness and skills for facilitating your clients to more Soul connection and power.

If you want to ensure humanity continues the ascension to Light this Training is for you.

No longer can we passively sit back denying the call to show up. For us lightworkers, Shamanic practitioners and energy healers not stepping up to contribute more light has serious consequences.  Let’s step up to meet the challenges of these times. 

You’ve observed your clients feeling disempowered and lost on their way. 

For years I was a healer and lightworker searching for my Soul Purpose. After learning numerous healing modalities, one event changed everything. I experienced a transformation when I reclaimed all of my Soul essence.

Then my life shifted to more peace, alignment, ease and joy. And I realized that bringing more Presence to the world was the ultimate priority. The New Paradigm can only be realized by more fully present and awakened human beings.

What others are saying…

Sabine & Markus - Switzerland

For us it felt like she is embodying so much wisdom from so many different lifetimes and dimensions, and at the same time she is wonderfully down to earth with everything. We felt like she knew exactly where we are and what our needs would be. It is magical and we are so happy we did this journey."

Natasha - Singapore

It was such an amazing and powerful experience and the enlightenment that I got was exactly what I needed to keep moving forward in my life journey. I feel blessed to be reunited with my long lost teacher. She helped me embody my soul pieces back together and I feel whole again. I wish to be in more of her classes and private sessions. Thank you."

Cynthia - Florida

there always seemed to be something that left me “reaching” for a more fuller, complete, and enriching experience of Self. The deep desire for that feeling of completeness led me to many teachers, mentors, books and other means of seeking connection. Serendipitously, while in Kauai on vacation, I met El and, after exploring the island with her, I was drawn to know more. The Whole Presence Journey says it all! Allowing El to facilitate this Whole Presence Journey was like being guided through unknown universes and along the way, filling in pieces of a tapestry that had been left undone. Following my Whole Presence Journey with El, I felt whole! I felt complete, full and empowered with the fullest unique expression of Me – my Soul’s fullest expression. Things became easier and lighter.  I became more clear and decisive and found previous hesitations replaced with more “knowingness” – showing up with confidence and presence in my life’s work. I breathe deeper, express and radiate more joy, and truly feel like all of Me is present and awake and fulfilled. Forever grateful and enjoying the continued connection!"

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You have a knowing that you can better serve your clients on their awakening journey.

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